The Stalwart Skin ornament in Destiny 2 the Vanguard themed ornament for the Reckless Endangerment shotgun. In order to get the Stalwart Skin ornament, you will have to reset your rank with Commander Zavala once. You can reset your rank every time you hit rank 16 with a vendor in Destiny 2. After you’re reset your rank, you will have to make your way to rank 16 once again. Only then will you be able to claim the Stalwart Skin ornament in Destiny 2.

How to rank up fast with Commander Zavala in Destiny 2

Grinding a rank in Destiny 2 can be quite challenging. However, when it comes to grinding your rank in Vanguard activities, you can do so quite easily. The basic idea behind this strategy is to keep playing Vanguard Strikes. Now, unlike the Nightfalls, Vanguard Strikes can be very easy to complete. They don’t have any additional mission modifiers, and even if they do have any mission modifiers active, the effects are negligible.

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Moreover, the amount of Vanguard Rank points that you earn will keep on increasing for every consecutive strike that you complete. If you have a good fireteam, you should be able to breeze through these games quite easily. Good luck Guardian!

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