If you’re looking to grab up a rare Fortnite skin for no extra cost, you’re in for a treat. Thanks to a new promotional with Intel Gaming Access, Fortnite players can now get the Splash Squadron Bundle for free. This bundle includes a pickaxe skin, a glider skin and the Surf Strider Outfit.

In order to obtain this bundle for free, players need to have the Intel Gaming Access app downloaded in their device and complete quests to earn rewards. Since this is not as straightforward as it seems, we’ve jotted down all the steps you need to follow to successfully add this bundle to your collection.

How to get the Splash Squadron Bundle for Free

As mentioned above, in order to get this bundle in Fortnite, you must first download the Intel Gaming Access app. Go to the official website, and click the Download button in the top right corner of the screen. Once the file is downloaded, simply install the app and run it.

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Once the app is running, click on the Log In with Intel button. This will redirect you to a web-page where you can log in to Intel. If you do not have an Intel account be sure to create one in this page. An important thing to note here is that you require a mobile number to create an account, in order to enable Multi-Factor Authentication.

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Once you have successfully logged-in to the Intel Gaming Access app, click on the Play Pass tab. Here, you will see a bunch of daily, weekly and promotional Quests you can complete by playing games to win rewards. Upon reaching level 16 you will get the Splash Squadron Bundle.

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The Splash Squadron Bundle includes the Surf Strider Outfit, the Wave Crest Pickaxe, and the Sky Sail Glider.

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