If you have played Genshin Impact at all, then you are most likely familiar with little Timmie. Timmie is one of the first NPCs you cross paths with as he always stands on the Mondstadt bridge feeding his pigeons. What you may not know though, is there is a hidden achievement involving Timmie.

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There is a daily commission that you can get in the game called Pigeon, Duck, and Child. This commission is simple:

  • Give Timmie three wheat.
  • Hop down to Mondstadt’s lake and feed the ducks at the marked location.
  • Speak With Timmie again.

Most adventures will just jump down, throw out the food, and then rush back to Timmie to claim their ten primogems. To get the secret Sorry, Timmie! commission though, you will need to kill the ducks. Once you do, Timmie will get mad, and the next day the hidden commission should pop up.

Doing this commission will unlock the rare achievement Taking Responsibility for Your Actions. All you need to do is follow the prompts and give Timmie his hashbrown.

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