There are various pets to choose from in the ever-expanding Roblox experience Islands, with the newest one being the limited edition Snowman pet. Added with the Christmas Update released on Dec. 18, 2021, this pet is the perfect snowy friend to help spread cheer throughout the holidays. To find out how to unlock the Snowman, continue reading below.

Snowman pet location

Unlike a majority of the other pets in Islands, the Snowman pet can not obtained by defeating a boss. Instead, players will need to keep an eye out for presents, as the Snowman spawn egg has a 0.8 percent chance of being inside of Christmas Presents 2021. For a full guide on how presents work, check out our guide on how to get presents in Roblox Islands, otherwise, continue reading below for a brief overview.

How to get presents?

Presents can be obtained one of two ways—by defeating Snowmen in the experience’s main Hub as often as you’d like, or by waiting for the daily delivery from Santa’s sleigh. One time per in-game day, Santa will fly above your Island and drop off a single gift, the contents of which are random. Additionally, each time you defeat a snowman in the Hub, there is a 5% chance that you will receive a present in exchange.

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How to use a spawn egg?

If you’re lucky enough to receive a Snowman egg, simply place it on your island to hatch it. Spawn eggs cannot be opened in the main Hub or on another player’s island, so make sure that you’re back home before setting it down! After spawning in your new friend, you will have the ability to name it whatever you’d like.


Similar to the Halloween update, it’s likely that the Christmas Presents 2021 will be removed after the holiday season is over—so grab as many as you can while they’re here to try your luck at unlocking the Snowman pet!

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