As Dusk Falls can be quite anxiety-inducing, even if the story is super engaging. How do you know what the right choices are before you make them? We broke down all the right choices you need to make in order to get the Smooth Criminal achievement, as well as the Bungled achievement. Both hinge on whether or not you successfully rob Sheriff Dante.

How to unlock the As Dusk Falls Smooth Criminal achievement

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To get the Smooth Criminal achievement in As Dusk Falls, you’ll have to successfully rob the money from Sheriff Dante. To do this, there are a few steps involved. First, you will need to locate the safe to get the cash. If you encounter his wife, make sure you do not harm her or cause her to call for help.

Find the safe on the bookshelf in the office. Enter the combination and get the money. When you head downstairs, make sure to successfully complete all quick-time events to avoid the Sheriff. Once you have done all of these actions successfully, you’ll get the achievement.

What is the Safe Combination in As Dusk Falls?

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You are briefly shown the safe combination for Sheriff Dante’s office safe before entering the home. Since the slip of paper gets lost, you’ll have to remember the safe combination on your own for later. The combination is 5926. Enter it into the combination of the safe and choose Open. The safe will open and you’ll get the money.

How to unlock the Bungled achievement in As Dusk Falls

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You’ll get the Bungled achievement in As Dusk Falls by doing the opposite of the actions required for the Smooth Criminal achievement. You need to mess up the mission to get the money from the safe. Either let Becky call for help when you first go upstairs or get caught by Dante when he comes home early. Either way, you’ll get caught by the police, fail your mission, and finally receive the Bungled achievement.

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