The Sleepy Bee is a secret ingredient in Roblox Wacky Wizards. Finding this item is the first step toward completing the Honey ingredient quest with the Queen Bee. But the Sleepy Bee also lets players transform into a flying bee at any time.

To find the Sleepy Bee, look for the tree area in the overworld. The most notable marker is the giant tree, which is also an obstacle course and the location of the Queen Bee. But the Sleepy Bee is located on one of the smaller trees.

When you’ve found the smaller trees, the Sleepy Bee is found snoozing within a yellow honeycomb. Click or tap on the Sleepy Bee to pick it up. Then you can bring the Sleepy Bee to your cauldron. Placing this secret ingredient in the cauldron will brew a Bee Disguise potion, and that’s all you need to turn into a bee.

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Did you know you can travel inside the largest tree of Wacky Wizards? While in bee form, fly over to the large tree and fly through the small opening into the tree. This is exactly where the Queen Bee’s home is located, and where players can complete the quest for the Honey ingredient.

Since the Sleepy Bee is considered a secret ingredient, you cannot place it on your ingredients table. Instead, you will always have to pick up the Sleepy Bee in the small tree whenever you wish to transform into the buzzy little creature.

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