Few games are as delightfully distinct as Psychonauts 2. This stylistic art style lends itself handily to screenshots and captures. While pressing the share button on the Xbox controller allows players to take a rudimentary snapshot, unlocking the game’s photo capture device will amplify their capture potential.

The Shutterbug Achievement tasks players with taking a picture in the game’s Photo Mode. To complete this task, it’s important to unlock the mechanic, as Raz won’t take screenshots initially. Take the following steps to unlock the Otto Shot and take a snapshot of Raz’s psychic journey.

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  1. After completing Lady Luctopus’ Casino, the game opens up substantially. Raz can leave The Motherlobe and head outside to a new hub world: The Motherlobe Quarry. Head outside and make your way to the Research and Development building.
  2. Once inside, talk to Otto Mentallis, making sure to ask for any gadgets in the dialogue options. Otto gives Rasputin the Otto-Shot Camera and the Thought Tuner to “borrow.”
  3. Now, Raz can hold right on the d-pad to bring up the Otto-Shot.
  4. Fiddle with whatever settings you desire before pressing RB to snap a picture, unlocking the achievement and a fancy new toy for Rasputin to enjoy.

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