The Quarry’s Achievement/Trophy ‘Should Have Gone To The Motel’ requires players to make sure that Chapters Seven and Nine go a very specific way. Laura and Max must reunite, meaning they have to survive long enough to do so. This is easier to be done when Chapter Select is unlocked after beating the game and requires that certain characters die. This is how to reunite Laura and Max in The Quarry.

How To Unlock ‘Should Have Gone To The Motel’

In order for Laura and Max to reunite, players will have to ensure that Laura survives. If players shoot Travis in Chapter Seven, it means that her fate is sealed as Travis will kill Laura in Chapter Nine.

Escaping Prison Without Shooting Travis

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During Chapter Seven, Laura will be able to escape without harming Travis. There are two methods of doing this. The first time players have control, they can interact with the wall to find a loose brick. Interacting with the bed by the window sill will have Laura grab a tool that can take the brick out. Later, when players can explore the jail, Laura can find a syringe in one of the offices upstairs. Before going to bed, players can hide the syringe in the wall by removing the brick again.

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At some point, Travis will have his back turned to Laura. Players should refrain from taking Travis’s gun and instead wait until later. After getting more information, Laura will pretend to be sick and inject the syringe into Travis’s neck. Alternatively, if players do not have the syringe, they can take the gun after pretending to be sick and choose to not shoot Travis. When asking for the keys, they should avoid being hostile.

Letting Ryan Die And Killing Chris Hackett

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During Chapter Nine, Ryan will get stabbed and have to hide and run from the Hackett family. When given the choice to have Laura bite Ryan, players will need to have him Decline. Then, once Ryan and Laura find Chris, Ryan must shoot Chris Hackett before dying himself. After, Travis and Laura will shuffle for the gun, and players must grab the gun and shoot Travis. Once he dies and players can take control of Max, they can swim to shore and be reunited with Laura.

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