The Royal Remains armor is a full set that is first worn by the warrior outside of Sir Gideon’s room in the Roundtable Hold. The Royal Remains armor has good stats and a very powerful unique passive effect. Finding the armor requires you to follow a few steps, so how do you get the Royal Remains armor set?

Getting the Haligtree Medallion Half

To get the Royal Remains armor set, you must first make your way to the Village of the Albinaurics in southwest Liurnia. The village can be reached by following the Liurnia Lake southwest until it turns into a poisonous swamp. The road up to the village is located further east through the poisonous swamp water.

After getting to the Site of Grace in the village:

  1. Travel up the hill to the east. A difficult enemy will use fire incantations at the top of the hill.
  2. After passing them, continue forward, and you will find a large pot.
  3. Hit the pot, and an NPC named Albus will appear.
  4. Exhaust his dialogue, and he will give you half of the Haligtree Medallion.
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Fighting Ensha

After getting half of the medallion, return to the Roundtable Hold and get ready for a fight. As soon as you get to the Roundtable Hold, Ensha will invade your world and attack you. He uses quick melee attacks and uses Gravity Well ranged magic to pull you in. Interrupting his attacks with good timing and overwhelming him with quick strikes effectively beat him.

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After defeating Ensha, rest at the Roundtable Hold or return there after leaving. You can now find the Royal Remains armor set outside Sir Gideon’s room. The armor set has good Robustness and Immunity stats, it also has a passive effect that replenishes HP when low, which means if you are wearing the full set, you can also heal 8 HP per second when low.

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