Getting the Roaster Handle can seem impossible when you start out in Little Witch in the Woods, especially because you get the Extractor Bottle so early on. Have some patience, complete the main quest, and don’t neglect to speak to Aurea.

What do you need to do to get the Roaster Handle in Little Witch in the Woods?

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Most of the steps to obtain the Roaster Handle to fix the Roaster in the Witch’s Workshop are a matter of time. You’ll need to do a lot of these steps for the main story, but you also cannot get the handle without first making it through these progressions.

Unlock the Village entrance & break Aurea’s Curse

You’ll need to have destroyed the Honey Pumpkin with Weed Terminator. This is the area to the Southeast of the Witch’s home. Destroying the weeds here will allow you to first speak to Aurea, the peddler. After talking to her, go back to the home and make the Curse-lifting Candy and bring it back to Aurea. She’ll give you the bottle for the Extractor and tell you she will figure out how to get ahold of a handle in the near future.

Find Rumbrum & break the Prickly Vine

The next day, take more Weed Terminator in the direction Northwest of the Witch’s home. Destroy the Honey Pumpkin here and find Rumbrum who needs to be freed. Bring him back to the Witch’s home and make him a Healing Candy. After this, he’ll lead you to the Prickly Vine. Destroy it by following the investigation steps and getting the ingredients to make the potion. Use the potion on the Prickly Vine to destroy it and get access to the Village.

Talk to Enite & Come back the next day

Speak with Rubrum’s grandmother on the Northeast side of the Village. She’ll tell you to come back tomorrow. When you get back, speak to her again and discuss eliminating the vines in the Village. She’ll then give you the mission to speak to locals to get more information on the evil plant and how to get rid of it.

How to unlock Aurea’s Shop in Little Witch in the Woods

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When you follow Enite’s orders and begin speaking to others, use this opportunity to find Aurea in the middle of town. Speak to her and she will then offer you the ability to begin making potions and candy for her for money. Accepting this will prompt Aurea to ask for two Healing Candies to be delivered the next day. If you bring the candies the next day, she’ll give you the exact amount of money you need for the handle. To get the handle, talk to Aurea again and choose the Shop option. Scroll to the bottom and choose the Roaster Handle for 150 coins.

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