The Respect emote in Lost Ark cannot be found until you are about to complete the North Vern main storyline. During the Ealyn’s Gift quest, you’ll need to speak to the Queen and say goodbye.

Go to the Queen’s Castle on the northeast side of Vern Castle. You will be required to speak to the Queen about the Ark, but any dialogue choices you make here lead to the same conclusion. The quest will complete, and you will be awarded the Emote: Respect book.

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Right-Click on the book and allow your character time to read through it. You can perform the emote by pressing the Y key and clicking it or by typing /Respect into the chatbox. You can also assign emotes to a hotkey.

This emote makes the player kneel with respect. Unlike other emotes, this emote is not required to be performed to progress further in the quest. It’s odd because most emotes are only taught to be performed in front of the person who hands them off.

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