In the Roblox Vans World event, players can earn one free item per day. Every reward is a Vans-exclusive Avatar item that rotates in and out on a 24-hour timer. The free item for September 3, 2021 is the Racing Red Drop V Snapback Cap.

To get the Racing Red Drop V Snapback Cap in Roblox Vans World, players must launch the experience and head inside the Vans Apparel store. This shop is the first building on the left upon spawning into the game, and there is a large Vans Apparel sign out front.

Once inside the shop, proceed forward to the floating free item. Hold E to claim the reward, and an Item Claimed message will appear. And that’s all there is to it, the Racing Red Drop V Snapback Cap is yours to keep forever!

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To access the Racing Red Drop V Snapback Cap and equip it to your Avatar, exit the Roblox Vans World experience and head to your Inventory or Avatar Editor on Roblox. The hat accessory will remain on your account to equip or unequip at your leisure.

The Racing Red Drop V Snapback Cap is a red hat with the Vans logo stitched on the front in white. Be sure to redeem this hat as soon as possible, because it is only available for 24 hours! Once the timer resets to the next free item, there is no telling whether this free item will return in the Vans World experience.

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