Qualichor is a consumable added by the Witch Queen expansion in Destiny 2. Players will need to find this consumable specifically to complete the quest from Fynch called Memory Alembic. This is one of the best ways to gain a reputation with Fynch in particular.

Where to find Qualichor

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The easiest way to collect unrefined Qualichor is by heading to a section of Savathûn’s Throne World every day and collecting the Executioner’s Hoard chest. In order to find the route to the specific region’s chest, players will need to use the Deepsight which can be found nearby a corpse. Players will have to investigate the corpse to reveal the Deepsight and then use it.

This will create a path of clues for players to follow until they reach the Hive Guardian. Defeating this Hive Guardian will cause the chest to drop which has the unrefined Qualichor inside. Once this is picked up for the first time, it will start the Memory Alembic quest.

Each Hive Guardian defeated will grant players about 12% of the amount of Qualichor they need for the quest. Meaning they should be able to complete it in about eight days. Otherwise, players can hang out in the general areas of the Throne World and wait for Lucent Guardian patrols. This can take some time, but won’t require the player to wait the full eight days.

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