Halloween has finally gotten underway in Adopt Me, and with the update comes a bunch of fun stuff you can get! While most of it will require you to use the new candy currency, you can actually get a pretty awesome, but temporary pet to use over the course of the event. If you don’t have a pet with ride or fly, then this is going to be your chance to get to try that out, because this free legendary pumpkin has both of those already equipped to it!

How to get the Pumpkin Pet

To get a Pumpkin pet in Adopt Me, you will need to play one of the minigames that are apart of the Halloween update. The particular one you will need to do is the Pumpkin Smash minigame. This one requires you to run around the area collecting as many pumpkins as you possibly can. After a certain amount of time, your smashing days will be over and you will get some candy based on your score. After your first time doing this minigame, you will receive the Pumpkin pet!

Adopt Me pumpkin pet in game

It’s important to know right away that this pet is temporary. It will be taken from your inventory on November 11th when the Adopt Me! Halloween event ends. However, it is a great pet to use while the event is going on, because it has fly and ride already attached to it. So, if you aren’t lucky enough to have a pet with those features, then make sure to hop on the pumpkin and try them out!

If you’re wanting to get the rest of the Halloween pets, then make sure to participate in those minigames because they are the best way to get candy. You will need quite a bit of it if you want to get that awesome Skele-Rex, which is 10,000 candy in total! You’ve got two weeks, and Adopt Me! is supposed to be boosting the amount of candy you get in each minigame, so you will likely be able to grab one if you put in the time!

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