The Halloween event has just begun in Wacky Wizards! As of Oct. 8, 2021, spooky shenanigans have been brought to the wizarding experience, including the ability to search the map, trade potions, and even scare NPC’s for some delicious candy! After collecting enough candy, at least 1,800 pieces, you’ll even have the opportunity to unlock the brand new Pumpkin Head ingredient and create some delightfully devious potions!

Collecting candy

  • Searching the map
    • Keep your eye out for giant, floating candy corns as you run around the map— these are the hidden candies that you’re looking for! These candies do respawn slowly, but eventually, they reappear in a new location. If you get on a candy collecting streak, each piece of candy corn will be worth more than the previous one. Without the streak (If you collect them here and there) they will each only be worth one.

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  • Potion Trader
    • Another new addition to keep your eye out for is the Potion Trader! The Potion Trader will randomly appear in servers looking to trade potions for candy. If you see him, be sure to speak with him and create whatever potion he asks for in exchange for a few extra candies! We don’t have a picture of his appearance at the moment, as it seems his spawn is pretty rare.
  • Scaring NPC’s
    • Are you looking to collect candy more mischievously? Try your hand at scaring some of the NPCs around the map! To scare an NPC, simply create the potion corresponding to their fear on the fear board, approach them with the potion in hand, and drink it in front of them. Detailed below is each NPC and their associated fear/potion:
      • Goblins – Noodle potion (Pool Noodle)
      • Jandel & Foryxe – Squirting potion (Rotten Sandwich)
      • Oz the Wizard – Spider Pet potion (Spider + Pet Tags)
      • Witches – Flounder potion (Fish)
      • Dumpster Diver Dan – Alien potion (Alien Parasite)
    • According to the Headless Horse located near the board, the Scare Board will be updated each week with new NPCs for you to scare! Scaring NPCs can be done once a day and will award you 20 pieces of candy per scare!

That’s all the information we have at the moment surrounding the 2021 Wacky Wizards Halloween update. This update ends on Nov. 3, 2021, so be sure to grab those candies while it’s here. Also, keep an eye on our list of all of the potions in Wacky Wizards— we’ll update it with the new potions as soon as possible!

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