Dead by Daylight, the horror video game allows players to become a killer or escape a chasing killer to create breathtaking experiences for the players. They will celebrate Pride Month with the rest of the world by sharing many surprises and freebies for the players.

The popular one to have in your inventory will be the Pride Charm, the flag emblem representing the LGBTQ+ community. Players will have to use the code ‘PRIDE‘ to redeem it in-game store using the “Redeem Code” on the upper right-hand side and clicking on submit button to get it for free.

The good thing about the code is that it never expires; therefore, players can use it anytime. Moreover, this code can be used by PC and console players. Apart from this, players on mobile will have access to Bloodhunt+ Week event, Daylight’s Twitch channel will host the #IntotheRainbow livestream, which will see LGBTQ+ Twitch streamers in the spotlight and more rewards to unlock during the festival of love.

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