A token for the Christmas Present Sack is an item that players can use to unlock the cosmetic override, which destroys the token in the process. The 2021 Christmas event of RuneScape allows players to find this item within a White, Blue, or Purple present.

Every few minutes in RuneScape, players receive free Wrapping Paper, which they can exchange with Postie Pete for presents. The item itself looks like Santa’s sack of presents, as it hangs on the player’s back.

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Due to its high value on the Grand Exchange, this token was sought after by many players before the Christmas 2021 event. Due to the value dropping as of Dec. 14, 2021, we recommend that players sell this token as soon as possible.

Image via RuneScape Grand Exchange

It was worth almost 3 million gold pieces on Dec. 13, 2021. As of Dec. 20, 2021, it had fallen to 2.1 million gold pieces. Shortly, the value will fall so low that players will likely not buy due to how easy it is to get with the Christmas event.

In the event that it takes too long to sell, players should keep it until the event is over, as that’s when the price is normally high.

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