The 2021 Christmas Live Event has arrived in Wacky Wizards! As of Dec. 22, 2021, Santa Cl-Oz can now be found flying above the map looking for only the best elves to help him complete his special Christmas Quest and earn the Present Cauldron skin in exchange. For a brief guide on how to complete this quest, continue reading below!

Santa Cl-Oz’s Christmas Quest

Though the length at which this event will remain active in Wacky Wizards is unknown, at the time of this article’s publication the 2021 Christmas Live Event can be completed once per hour, on the hour. A new timer has been added to one of the cave walls to help players keep track of how much time is left until the next event.

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Once this event has started, Santa Cl-Oz will fly above the map in a large sleigh, beckoning all participating players to join him—those who decide to take part will be teleported into the sky. After arriving on the sleigh, Santa Cl-Oz will begin to debrief his quest—take down Glinda and her wicked Christmas-hating witches. To do this, players will be asked to complete the steps below.

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  • Throw extra presents off of the sleigh to make it lighter and faster
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  • Use presents to patch holes in the sleigh after its been damaged by the witches
  • Fire toys at Glinda to distract her
  • Mount a cannon and shoot candy canes at the flying witches
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  • Grab the leftover presents, jump off of the sleigh, and sky dive to the houses below to deliver them

After completing all of the steps listed above, Santa Cl-Oz will land his sleigh and drop everyone back off at their cauldrons and thank them for their help. He will also award all participants with the exclusive Present Cauldron skin for free!

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2021 Christmas Live Event ingredient

Only one new ingredient was added to Wacky Wizards this week—the premium Cloud ingredient that costs 2,000 Gems. Once all of the new potions for this ingredient have been found, our all potions and recipes in Wacky Wizards | Roblox Wacky Wizards Full Potions List article will be updated accordingly!

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