The PogChamp achievement is a mysterious objective in Roblox Pet Simulator X pinned with the message: You will never get this achievement. The difficulty of this achievement is classified as Insane, and for good reason. Nobody seems to know how to get the PogChamp achievement nor the Poggers Cat, which might be the reward.

Right now, nobody besides Preston and BIG Games Simulators (the developers behind Pet Simulator X) know how to get the PogChamp achievement. According to Carbon Meister Plays, nobody has unlocked the PogChamp achievement yet, which he says was confirmed by Preston.

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Some users claim that unlocking the Tech area for 25 billion coins get them the PogChamp achievement, but so far this is unconfirmed speculation discussed throughout the Pet Simulator X community. After scouring YouTube, the BIG Games Simulators Discord server, and Twitter, we were unable to confirm that unlocking the Tech area works.

Screenshot via Pet Simulator X Wiki

Players also think that the Poggers Cat pet is the reward for figuring out how to get the PogChamp achievement. While also unconfirmed, this rumor seems likely since the Poggers Cat pet appears under the achievement as the reward. We have no reason to think the PogChamp reward would be different since the rest of the achievements display the accurate reward. There is also no other way to get the Poggers Cat pet, so this achievement is likely the only solution.

It seems some players are taking advantage of the PogChamp achievement mystery and are charging players coins and gems for the answer to the mystery. Do not give anybody in-game money or real-world money in exchange for the PogChamp solution. We’re under the impression these people are scamming players for quick cash and don’t actually know the answer, which takes the whole fun out of the mystery.

The mystery surrounding the PogChamp achievement and the Poggers Cat is hot within the Pet Simulator X community, particulary within the Discord channel. As soon as we discover how to get the PogChamp achievement along with the Poggers Cat pet, we’ll be sure to update this page with the correct information.

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