The exclusive PlayStation Pack have been available on the PlayStation Store for a while now on and off, and it seems the latest pack for Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7 has arrived.

To download the Celebration Pack you need to be subscribed to PlayStation Plus, as these cosmetics are exclusive to those who pay for this service. If you are, head to the PlayStation Store and search for Fortnite using the search functionality, and then scroll down until you find the PlayStation Plus Celebration Pack.

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Press X on it, and then hit the Download button, and you’re good to go. If you get an error message saying Not available for purchase, don’t worry about it, it’s safe to be ignored. The store thinks you already own the item, due to this pack having the same name as every other PS Plus Pack, but the cosmetics have been downloaded, and are now usable in Fortnite.

In this pack are two cosmetics, the Fixer Skin and the Reckoning Back Bling. These are exclusive to PlayStation owners, so no other platform will be using these two items. Makes it easy to spot on the battlefield who’s playing on PlayStation!

Fixer is part of the Advanced Forces set, and the back bling Reckoning has a reactive counter, that stores and displays all the eliminations you have achieved while wearing it.

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