If you’ve been paying attention to the latest Adopt Me update, you may be aware that they are adding flying vehicles to the game. But how do you get one for yourself? Read below to find out!

Flying Vehicles Update

On September 16, 2021, two flying vehicles were added to Adopt Me. The two vehicles are the Monoplane and Fossil Paw Helicopter. They were added in the game in the same update as the moon cake snacks. Flying vehicles like this have been a long-anticipated item in Adopt Me, so this is a welcome update for many. The vehicles can only be purchased for the next two weeks.

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How to get Plane & Helicopter

Since the vehicles are temporary, they will be replacing the spot of the Speedboat, for the time being. This means you will find the flying vehicles for sale in the center of Adoption Island, at the stand where the Speedboat usually is. The Monoplane can be purchased for $3500 and the Fossil Paw Helicopter for $4000.

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