Garden Story revolves around Concord the youngest grape who must fight against the Rot. To defend themself, they need a weapon. Swords are hard to come by and therefore the young grape is first given a simple pick. The pick is a gathering tool that is both flexible and reliable.

Normally a pick is used to collect wood and stone. But in this day and age, anything and everything could be considered a weapon including this farmer’s pick. To get the pick, Concord must leave its home in the Kindergarden and travel southeast through the Riverway to the Spring Hamlet using the map that Plum gave the grape.

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There Concord will find Plum waiting outside the Woodforge. Inside Concord will meet Granny Smith who first lectures the young grape before giving them the pick.

With the pick in hand, Concord can defend themselves as well as collect resources throughout the world. To use the pick, press the Z key or the X button. Holding the input allows Concord to charge up its swing and deal greater damage to foe, stone, or log alike.

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