The Pepper Shaker is a unique shotgun minigun added with the Steel Reign update, that players can unlock the plans by completing the Grahm’s meat cook event. Grahm’s meat cook is a seasonal event and will take place this year from the 17th to the 23rd of August. 

That said, if you want the plans to make the Pepper Shaker, you will need to complete this event, and you find it right next to Vault 76 on the map. When you find the event, the super mutant, Grahm, will task you with helping him throw a cookout. This will involve you gathering various items such as critter chunksgreens, and even firewood to keep an event meter high.

You can also get most of these items by exploring the event area. To start, you can get critter chunks by killing various animals such as rad chickens, squirrels, opossums, and rabbits. For the greens, you will need to search for them near the campsite, and they are basically green leafy plants with ferns.

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But along with the two material requirements, you may also need to clean up rotten leftovers and provide Grahm with five wood scraps for his fire. If you don’t know where to get the wood, you can get wood scraps by scraping items that have wood or from trees.

Doing all of this and putting out fires next to the camp will complete the event and keep the event meter high. You may also earn the plans for the minigun shotgun completing the event. But unfortunately, the drop for the Pepper Shaker plans is not guaranteed, so you may need to farm the event every day it is active to get the plans.

Once you get the plans, you can then craft the Pepper Shaker with the following materials.

  • Six Adhesive 
  • 16 Spring 
  • 43 Steel 
  • Seven Aluminum 
  • 17 Gear 
  • Eight Oil 
  • 16 Screw 

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