Stray offers many challenges, puzzles, and trophies to conquer. There are also various collectibles to find throughout the game. Many of these trophies can be difficult to accomplish, one being The Pacifist trophy. This may leave you wondering how to earn The Pacifist trophy in Stray.

To get The Pacifist trophy in Stray, you must successfully complete the Sewers level without killing any Zurks. Before entering the Sewers, Doc gives you a powerful UV light that is capable of killing the Zurk, but you must resist this urge and run through the Sewers without killing any Zurks.

How to get through the Sewers without killing any Zurks in Stray

This may sound like an impossible task, as the Sewers are infested with Zurks. Luckily, this task is possible, and you can get The Pacifist trophy in Stray. There is no specific method to doing this, but you can get through the Sewers and avoid the Zurk by constantly moving and sticking to the high ground. Water is also a good way to escape Zurks.

If you remain above the Zurk and run where they are not, you can reach the end of the Sewers and get The Pacifist trophy. If any Zurks jump on you, quickly shake them off and keep moving before you get swarmed. Should you die, you will restart, and you can try again, learning which routes are the best to avoid the Zurks.

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