To get the One of Us Emblem in Destiny 2, you need Amazon Prime and redeem the Hard Light Bundle via Prime Gaming. You can redeem the bundle if you have both your Prime and Destiny 2 accounts linked together. 

To link Destiny 2 and Amazon Prime, try to claim the Destiny 2 bundle at the Prime Gaming site. Doing so will takes you through the steps required to link your accounts. 

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After linking your account, you will be able to redeem the Hard Light Bundle. Redeeming the Hard Light Bundle will reward you with the following items, including the One of Us Emblem:

  • Hard Light weapon exotic
  • Hard Light weapon Ornament
  • Azure Azazyel Exotic sparrow
  • One of Us Emblem

Once everything is linked and you’ve redeemed the bundle, you can grab your items in Destiny 2 by heading to the Tower. At the Tower, you will need to find the NPC Amanda Holiday.

Speak to Amanda Holiday, and she will have the Amazon Prime rewards at the top of her NPC menu. To get the rewards, click on each item.

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