Alongside the release of patch 6.08, Final Fantasy XIV also added a brand new set of glamour attire to the game. A set of Omega Attire clothing items was added in a surprise unveiling, allowing you to cosplay as the Omega-M and Omega-F bosses from the Omega raid series.

These items are currently only available from the Final Fantasy Online Store, formerly known as Mog Station. There are two different outfits: an Omega-M Attire and an Omega-F Attire.

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Each outfit costs $10 and consists of a one-piece Body item that occupies the Body, Arm, Legs, and Feet slots. The outfit also includes Ear Cuffs which occupy the Earring’s accessories slot.

The gear sets are gender locked, so only male characters can equip the Omega-M attire, and only female characters can equip Omega-F attire. You can still equip hats while wearing the new attire.

Overall, this is a surprising addition to the game, as the Omega raids are almost four years old at this point, and the Omega outfit isn’t something players have been asking for. However, fans of the game are never one to turn down more glamour items, even if there are limited options for these items.

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