To get the Octopus Head helmet in Elden Ring, you must kill Land Octopus enemies. Both small Land Octopuses and Giant Land Octopuses will have a chance to drop the helmet.

The Giant Land Octopus can be found near the beaches of Western Limgrave and water areas of Agheel lake. Small Land Octopus enemies will also spawn in the same areas as the Giant Land Octopus. 

Throughout the map, both enemies will tend to spawn near ponds and other small water areas. Caves and mines can also have Land Ocotopuses inside them.

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Any weapon will work against the Octopuses, but a Heavy weapon will work best against the Giant ones. Another method for killing Giant Land Octopus enemies is to get up in its face with a fast-hitting blade weapon. Doing so will stagger the enemy if you are fast enough. 

Hitting the Giant Octopus with a charged attack from a heavy weapon will also stagger it. Once stunned, hit it on the beak for critical damage. Repeat the process, and you will quickly kill the Octopus.

Depending on how long it takes you to kill the Giant Octopus, you may want to focus on killing a ton of the smaller Land Octopuses. Eventually, if the RNG gods smile upon you, one of the octopuses will drop the Octopus Head helmet.

What is the Octopus Head in Elden Ring?

The Octopus Head is a lightweight helmet with decent strike damage negation. Along with decent strike damage negation, the helmet comes with good resistance toward Immunity, with Focus and Vitality being the second-highest stats.   

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