Psychonauts 2 is filled with obscure, missable achievements that players can overlook on their journey through this long-awaited sequel. Thankfully, most of them are quick pick-ups, like the Objection achievement, provided players know what they need to do.

To unlock the Objection achievement, Raz must throw a Judge’s gavel back at him. Judges are a common enemy in Psychonauts 2 and can be distinguished by their long gowns, white, fluffy hair, and of course, their massive gavels.

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These enemies will often take slow, lumbering swings at Raz. Dodging them is easy because of their sluggish movement. Wait until after they swing or until they are far enough away that they can’t hit Raz with their gavels. Once Raz has the Judge vulnerable, use Telekinesis to yank the gavel away from him. Quickly toss it back at the enemy to unlock the Objection achievement, and take a large portion of the enemy’s health in the process.

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