Bugsnax is a game that has both a heavy story narrative and a heavy focus on capturing all the game’s delightful creatures. The Isle of Big Snax shakes things up a bit by helping to deepen the strange story of Bugsnax. There is even a new ending for you to view once you finish the game.

Getting the new Bugsnax ending is pretty easy. You just need to see the ending of the game without letting anyone die and make it to the Triplicate Space, where you find Cuppacceetle. This can be a bit hard for characters like Snorpy, who you had to completely transform to get to the DLC content. You will also need to get the Triangle Key before you can get into the Triplicate Space.

Spoiler Warning

Once you have watched the credits roll, you will be able to walk around the Triplicate Space and learn the truth behind the Grumpinati. This will shed some humorous light on the mysterious organization, but the main cast’s story still seems to be over.

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