The Natsu Matsuri Backpack is a free Avatar item that is exclusive to iOS devices. The only way to get this item is by opening Roblox on an iPad or iPhone and it cannot be redeemed on PC or Android devices. We recommend redeeming this backpack accessory as soon as possible since it is only available until Aug. 8, 2021.

To get the Natsu Matsuri Backpack, open Roblox on an iOS device (iPad/iPhone). Then click the Avatar button on the very bottom of the screen (middle button with your Avatar face). Once inside the Avatar section, press Shop, which will take take you to the entire Avatar Catalog.

Within the Shop, press the Featured tab. The Shop defaults to Recommended, but you must be on Featured in order to find the item within the catalog.

With the Featured tab pressed, tap on the Sort: Relevance button found just below the Featured tab. Tap on Recently Updated and then tap Apply. This is the list you must sort through to find the Natsu Matsuri Backpack. We were forced to do quite a bit of scrolling, so it might take a couple minutes to find the item within the catalog.

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Screenshot captured on iPad

The Natsu Matsuri Backpack is a backpack accessory released on Roblox to celebrate the official platform launch in Japan. It is a summer festival item with a friendly cat playing a drum. Fireworks shoot from the backpack which adds some extra flair and cool animations to the item.

There doesn’t seem to be a more efficient way to find the Natsu Matsuri Backpack within the Avatar Shop. But if you keep scrolling within the section described above, the item should eventually appear. Be sure to redeem the Natsuri Backpack as soon as possible since it expires on Aug. 8.

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