The Nagxian Cat is one of the cutest new Minions introduced in Final Fantasy XIV’s latest expansion, Endwalker. A feline friend for your Warrior of Light, many players have raced to add this minion to their collection. But how do you get the Nagxian Cat Minion?

The Nagxian Cat Minion is unlocked by trading 800 Sacks of Nuts to the NPC J’lakshai <Guildship Hunt Vendor> in Old Sharlayan. The NPC is located at X: 11.9, Y 13.3 near the Scholar’s Harbor Aetheryte Shard.

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To acquire Sacks of Nuts, you need to complete Hunts. Hunts are essentially small bounties you can claim for killing mobs out in the wilderness. You can unlock Hunts by talking to an NPC called Northota, who stands next to the Guildship Hunt Board. The select Hunts from the Guildship Hunt Board. There are daily hunts and weekly hunts, with the latter giving the most Nuts.

The number of Sacks of Nuts ranges between three and 100, depending on the difficulty of the Hunt. Since Sacks of Nuts were also the Hunt currency in Shadowbringers, you can earn Nuts from Shadowbringers and Endwalker hunts.

This means you should be able to earn 800 nuts in no time, but for help, you should attempt to find a Hunt train—a group of players that joins a party together to quickly farm Hunt mobs.

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