Big Sam is visiting for his nightly soda, but something is off at the Desert Dream hotel. In As Dusk Falls, you’ll be Vince for this portion. Help Vince convince Big Sam that he needs help without saying anything, and you’ll get the Message Received achievement. If you fail, you’ll get the secondary Cop Out achievement.

How to alert Big Sam without raising suspicion

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To get the Message Received achievement in As Dusk Falls, you’ll be required to carefully navigate the tense situation that unfolds. Big Sam, a local cop, is visiting the Desert Dream hotel while the Holt boys hold people hostage. Vince will need to subtly tell Big Sam that something is up. The most surefire way to do this is to leave the evidence of Joyce’s earring in plain sight. Do not remove it when it gives you the option. Let Big Sam discover the earring.

He will ask you why you are here. Say you are Vacationing. When he asks what city, say Guatemala. This will create an awkward tone and raise his suspicions slightly. When confronted about Joyce’s earring, still deny that anything bad is happening. Big Sam will grab Vince and whisper to him that he will bring back up. When Tyler comes out, insist that the cop said nothing to you. You can do this from another angle, but we found this to be the surest way to get the achievement.

How to get the Cop Out achievement in As Dusk Falls

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To get the Cop Out achievement while playing As Dusk Falls, you’ll need to do the inverse of the actions required to earn the Message Received achievement. Instead of alerting Big Sam without the Holt boys knowing, you’ll want Sam to be obviously alerted. At any opportunity you have to tell Big Sam that you need help, do so.

For example, if you do not remove the earring evidence, he will ask you about it. Tell him that you are being held hostage and need help. When Tyler Holt realizes you have alerted Big Sam, he will get in a confrontation with the cop. Big Sam will be killed by Tyler, which will earn you the Cop Out achievement.

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