The Mech Wings is a cosmetic back accessory on Roblox that players can redeem on iOS devices. But, if you do not own an iOS device, you can still redeem the Mech Wings using a PC workaround on Firefox. We’ve got both methods (iOS and Firefox) below.

We recommend redeeming this back accessory as soon as possible since it is only available until Aug. 18, 2021.

iOS Standard Method

To get the Mech Wings back accessory, open Roblox on either an iPad or iPhone. Then click the Avatar button on the bottom-middle of the screen. This is the middle button with your Avatar’s face. Once within the Avatar menu, press Shop, and you will enter the entire Avatar Catalog.

Press the Featured tab within the Shop menu. The Shop defaults to Recommended, but you must be on Featured in order to find the item within the catalog.

Tap on the Sort: Relevance button within the Featured tab. This is found just below the Featured tab. Then tap on Recently Updated and tap Apply to confirm. You must sort through this list to find the Mech Wings back accessory. Depending on when you redeem the item you might be forced to scroll quite a bit down the page. Just keep scrolling until you find the item.

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The Mech Wings back accessory released on Roblox to celebrate the summer 2021 season and it’s a sweet looking jetpack strapped to your Avatar. Be sure to redeem the Mech Wings as soon as possible since it expires on Aug. 18, 2021. Players will not be able to redeem this item once it expires.

PC Workaround

If you do not have an iOS device, there is a PC workaround that allows you to redeem the Mech Wings back item for free. To do so, follow these steps below.

Step One: Download the Firefox Browser.

  • Firefox is a free and secure web browser.

Step Two: Login to Roblox on the Firefox Browser

Step Two: Open a new window. Enter the text provided below into the URL bar.

  • about:config

Step Four: Paste the text provided below into the Search preference name text bar.

  • general.useragent.override

Step Five: Select String. The default is Boolean, but you must select String for this to work.

Step Five: Press the + button to the right of String. Paste the text provided below into the new text box. Press the Check button to confirm.

  • Mozilla/5.0 (Machintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10_15_4) AppleWebKit/605.1.15 (KHTML, like Gecko) Mobile/9B176 ROBLOX iOS App 2.445.410643 Hybrid RobloxApp/2.445.41063 (GlobalDist; AppleAppStore)

Step Six: Open a new tab and click the Mech Wings Roblox link below. You must be logged in to Roblox in order to redeem the Avatar item.

  • Mech Wings

Step Seven: Press Get to redeem. You have now redeemed the Mech Wings backpack item for free on your PC!

If you’re still having trouble, we recommend watching DeeterPlay’s tutorial, which guides you through the redemption process on PC every step of the way.

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