Being a pirate can be hard, just ask Guybrush Threepwood! He’s on a mission to find the secret of Monkey Island, whatever it takes. That resolve has brought him to LeChuck’s ship, as his old mortal enemy had the same idea in mind. So now, masked as a zombie, Guybrush has to get the map from LeChuck so he can return to Monkey Island. Here’s how to steal it on Casual and Hard mode.

How to steal the map from LeChuck in Return to Monkey Island – Casual & Hard Mode

This is the final challenge in Part 2 of Return to Monkey Island, so be careful! Here’s what you need to do to get the map from LeChuck, both on Casual and Hard mode:

  1. Go up the stairs on the right side of the ship.
  2. Ring the bell two times.
  3. LeChuck will go on a scheduled yelling. Use that to enter his cabin.
  4. You’ll see a map on the table.
  5. Open the inventory and take the tree map you used to get the mop.
  6. Replace LeChuck’s map with a mop tree map.

How to send a Flat Skull to Madison in Return to Monkey Island – Casual & Hard Mode

Now that you have the map, you need to send a flat skull to Madison so they can finish their potion. To do that, put the skull in the cannon and fire it away! After this, there will be a celebration, but Guybrush will foolishly throw his magic eyepatch, revealing himself to LeChuck! You’ll have a chance to trade insults with your nemesis, but you’ll fly off the boat no matter what you choose. That concludes Part 2 of Return to Monkey Island!

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