According to the Lost Ark website, players are eligible to receive new mounts and gifts until March 1. As part of the Lost Ark Launch Celebration Gift, you will get new mounts, Phoenix Plumes, and more.

To claim Lost Ark Launch Celebration Gift, log on to Lost Ark between Feb. 19 at 11:59am PT / 3:59pm ET and March 1 at 11:59am PT / 3:59pm ET. If players log on between the above times and dates, it will appear in their in-game product inventory. This is part of the Lost Ark Launch Celebration Gift that Smilegate, the developers, wanted to give to the players who contributed to the game’s success.

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Where to find the Lost Ark Launch Celebration Gift

Next time you log in, the gift will appear in your in-game product inventory. To redeem it:

  1. You can click the box with an arrow pointing into it in the top left corner of your screen
  2. A window will appear displaying your gift and a button that says Claim. Click the Claim button and then click Claim Item on the next window.
  3. Head to your Inventory
  4. Right-click on the pack
  5. Click Open

What’s in the Lost Ark Launch Celebration Gift?

The following items will be available at the Lost Ark Launch Celebration:

  • Mount Selection Chest (choice of Terpeion or Terpeion of the Shadow)
  • Midsummer Night’s Dream Instrument Skin Selection Chest
  • 10 Healing Battle Item Chests
  • 10 Offensive Battle Item Chests
  • Three Legendary Rapport Selection Chests
  • Weekly Trade Potions Pack (Three Leap’s Essence and nine Minor Life Energy Potions)
  • 20 Phoenix Plumes

The gifts are non-tradable and can be claimed on any server, including the new Western Europe server.

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