The horror-survival experience 3008 features a handful of secret badges that players can collect, including the mysterious King’s Remains badge. In the brief guide below, we’ll be going over what this badge is, answering whether or not you can still earn it, and what you need to do if you’re hoping to add it to your collection.

Obtaining the King’s Remains badge

Seeing as though the King’s Remains badge has been earned by less than 50,000 people, similar to the rarely earned Marker Chomik badge in Find the Markers, it’s no surprise that the way in which it’s obtained is quite the mystery. The description of this badge is rather vague, reading Since the incident of 4121 – a pillar, left untouched. The air, cold around it, holds the remains of King, where he now lies in peace, so how do you unlock it?

Unfortunately, the answer to this question isn’t super straightforward. In order to earn the King’s Remains badge, players need to be lucky enough to spawn into a glitched server when they join 3008. The chance of being placed into a glitched server is exceptionally low, but it is possible.

Unlike standard 3008 servers, glitched servers feature a map that’s missing one of its key pieces—a pillar. There are multiple, massive pillars scattered around the 3008 map that serve as support beams for the building’s structure; if you spawn into a glitched server, you’ll notice that one of these pillars has disappeared.

In these glitched servers, players who find the missing pillar will be able to fall into a grated-over hole and discover a pile of parts. By touching these parts, players earn the King’s Remains badge. Because this feat is so rare, we’ve embedded the YouTube video below that shows footage of two users obtaining the badge.

If you’re planning on badge hunting for the King’s Remains, the best advice that we can give is to be patient and check everywhere! The 3008 map features 49 total pillars, seven per row for seven rows, so it’s important to check along every wall, corner, and even in between the aisles!

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