The Roblox Luobu Mystery Box Hunt continues its streak of rewarding players with free Avatar items. As of Sept. 1, 2021, the Kid Nezha bundle is available within the experience and it’s super easy to redeem!

To get the Kid Nezha avatar bundle, launch the Luobu Mystery Box Hunt game and run forward until you see the Kid Nezha statue. All you have to do is physically run into the Kid Nezha statue with your Roblox avatar. And that’s it! This will trigger a message to appear and the Kid Nezha avatar bundle is yours to keep forever.

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Players can access the Kid Nezha avatar bundle within their Avatar editor or the Inventory, both of which are on the Roblox platform. Since this is a bundle, all of the Kid Nezha items are split up into pieces, allowing you to mix and match accessories with different items. All of the items are as follows:

  • Kid Nezha – Hair
  • Kid Nezha – Head
  • Kid Nezha – Torso
  • Kid Nezha – Pouch
  • Kid Nezha – Right/Left Arm
  • Kid Nezha – Right/Left Leg
  • Kid Nezha – Collar

In addition to the avatar bundle, players also receive the Nezha again game badge tied to the Luobu Mystery Box Hunt game. Note: You do not need to have collected the mystery boxes prior to redeeming the Kid Nezha Bundle. This Luobu reward is separate from the other items, so you can redeem the avatar bundle at any time.

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