Farming Simulator fans will recognize the John Deere 6300. Despite being in every version of the game since Farming Simulator 17, the developer, GIANTS Software, has yet to include it in the vanilla version.

GIANTS Software recently promoted a mod over others as the best way to get the John Deere 6300. This mod adds the John Deere 6300 to the shop, where it can be purchased for $15,500 – $20,500.

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The tractor has a horsepower of 100 – 105 hp, which makes it pretty fast compared to other tractors. A lot of its appeal comes from the aesthetic, which not only looks like a tractor but also looks powerful as if it were meant for construction.

Image via SleutjesModding

In spite of the fact that the John Deere company supports Farming Simulator immensely, and many of their products are in the game, it’s strange to see this as only a mod for so long. GIANTS Software seems content with just promoting a mod that adds the equipment to the game rather than adding it themselves.

Nevertheless, if it’s recommended by the developers, then it must be a good version of the mod.

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