The Jar Cannon is one of the more unique weapons available to players within Elden Ring. As a large handheld mortar, it works like a slow grenade launcher. However, its damage base is well worth the time spent waiting for it to go off. All players have to do to get it is beat a boss.

Where to find the Jar Cannon in Elden Ring

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Players can find the Jar Cannon and the lovely boss who holds it, Demi-Human Queen Margot in the Volcano Cave on the northwestern end of the Atlas Plateau, just north of Mt. Gelmir. To reach the cave, players can either go the long slow route by heading through the entirety of the Atlas Plateau, or by accessing a special area within Raya Lucaria. For this shorter route, players will need to die to the Virgin Abductor within Raya Lucaria.

Either way, players need to end up at the Volcano Cave. It’ll be near the summit of the mountain, tucked in a cliff’s edge surrounded by Demi-Humans. Activate the Site of Grace just inside the cave and head down further inside to reach the Demi-Human Queen Margot. Once players have defeated her, they will receive the Jar Cannon.

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