The Honey ingredient launched alongside the Bee update in Roblox Wacky Wizards and it is a permanent ingredient. It is also free for all players to obtain, and getting the ingredient requires transforming into a bee and helping out the Queen Bee.

Turn into a Bee

The player must find the Sleepy Bee, which is snoozing in a honeycomb within one of the small trees. Head to the tree area and search for the Sleepy Bee. Once found, grab the Sleepy Bee and bring it back to your cauldron.

Place the Sleepy Bee inside your cauldron and press Spawn Potion on your potions book to spawn a Bee Disguise potion. Drink the Bee Disguise potion to transform into a bee!

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Find the Queen Bee

As a bee, buzz over to the large tree where the bird ingredient is typically located. There is a small hole in the tree where only a bee can pass through. This will also allow you to enter inside the tree. Once inside, fly upward toward the top where the Queen Bee is waiting to speak with you.

Find all the Flowers

Upon speaking to the Queen Bee, ask her how to make honey. She will express shock before telling you to find pollen from each of the five flowers depicted in front of her. Finding these flowers is the final step toward getting the honey ingredient. They are scattered all throughout the map and you must grab each flower individually, placing them in their respective honeycomb spot.

To collect pollen from each flower, hover as close to the top of each flower as possible. Your bee avatar will glow once you’ve collected the pollen.

Cactus Flower

The Cactus Flower can be found in the desert growing on top of a cactus.


Players can find the Sunflower on the roof of Oz the Wizard’s hut, within the small cave. To find Oz the Wizard’s hut, look for the small cave with the green shrub blocking the entrance. This cave is located immediately to your right upon exiting the tree. Players can pass right through the shrub to enter the cave.

Lava Flower

The Lava Flower is located at the very top of the smoking volcano.

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Field Daisy

The Field Daisy is located just outside of the large tree. It will be one of the first things you see upon exiting the tree.

Water Lily

Players can find the Water Lily resting on the water in front of the waterfall.

Grab the Honey Ingredient

Once all flowers have been found and pollinated, the Honey ingredient will automatically appear inside of the Queen Bee’s tree domain. Grab the honey and teleport to your cauldron. Once you’ve placed the Honey ingredient inside your cauldron or on top of your ingredients table, it is yours to keep forever.

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