This costume was designed to honor artist Matt “Hoggy” Hogben’s completion of 365 Fall Guys concepts within one year. The design is based on the Hoglet that he created on day 140.

The Hoggy outfit is no longer available to purchase. The top appeared on Dec. 28, and the bottom appeared on Dec. 29 in the Item Shop, for five crowns apiece. They were only available for one day, so they are no longer attainable.

Because many of these costumes are limited-time items, it is unlikely that they will reappear in the shop anytime soon. Hogben was given this costume before it was sold in Guestravanganza, during which it became his main costume.

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Guestravanganza costumes

Other Costumes during the event are also only five crowns but are only sold for one day. These are:

Dec. 28

  • Cuphead (Top)
  • Cuphead (Bottom)
  • Hoggy (top)

Dec. 29

  • Hoggy (Bottom)
  • 2B (Top)
  • 2B (Bottom)

Dec. 30

  • The Goose (Top)
  • The Goose (Bottom)
  • The Goose (Emote)

Dec. 31

  • Shovel Knight (Top)
  • Shovel Knight (Bottom)
  • Gato Roboto (Top)

Jan. 1

  • Gato Roboto (Bottom)
  • Bulletkin (Top)
  • Bulletkin (Bottom)

Jan. 2

  • Bomberman (Top)
  • Bomberman (Bottom)
  • Messenger (Top)

Jan. 3

  • Messenger (Bottom)
  • Kena (Top)
  • Kena (Bottom)

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