Getting a high score in Subway Surfers may look like a daunting task. But on the contrary, it is a pretty simple and straightforward one if you can understand the mechanics and powerups of the game. 

Maximize Your Score Multiplier

Increasing your score multiplier is the most effective way to get a high score in Subway Surfers. During each run, you start with an x1 score multiplier that increases up to x30—which means you can multiply your final high score up to thirty times its original value. Each time you complete a set of mini-missions available in the pause menu, the game increases your multiplier by one

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Choose Your Powerups Wisely

The game has a wide array of powerups that helps maximize your high score. Most of the powerups—like coin magnets, super sneakers, and jetpacks—help collect a large number of gold coins. The 2X multiplier is the powerup you should always aim for, as it doubles your current score multiplier for a limited time.

Collect a Large Number of Gold Coins

Try to collect as many gold coins as possible during your game as they help increase your final high score. To increase your collection, use the above-prescribed powerups as regularly as possible.

Load Up Your Hoverboards

Hoverboards are a form of in-game items that are available to purchase from the store. The hoverboards can be activated anytime during the run by just double-tapping your screen. When activated, hover boards can only take a single hit from obstacles. The hoverboards do not have a cooldown time and you can immediately pop a new one out. So, just stock up around 300-500 hoverboards in your inventory when going for your personal best.

Buy a Lot of Keys

Keys are a form of in-game currency that can be purchased using real-life money or if lucky can be found in-game. The keys can be used at the end of your run to continue playing your current game and elongating your session. Use the keys only when you feel that continuing the run will lead to a potential new high score.

While all the above tips and tricks will help you understand the game mechanics and provide a competitive edge, to get a personal high score you should practice and play the game as regularly as possible.

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