The Adopt Me 2021 Winter Update has not only been large but also a series of smaller updates to roll out new content into January 2021. One of those smaller updates is the two vehicles added on Dec. 15, 2021. Both the Winter Helicopter and the Flying Sleigh are limited-time vehicles you can buy in-game.

How to get the New Helicopter

The new Helicopter is a snazzy new flying vehicle inspired by Rudolph, including the brown exterior and bright red nose at the front. This vehicle is a premium vehicle, meaning that it does cost Robux rather than in-game currency. Thankfully, the Helicopter only costs 400 Robux, much less than some of the other premium vehicles debuted in Adopt Me. It can be purchased using the purple Shop tab on the right side.

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How to get the Flying Sleigh

The Flying Sleigh in Adopt Me is a special item, as it really captures the holiday spirit with its cheery Christmas theme. Then, it makes sense that the vehicle can not be purchased for Robux or Adopt Me Cash. Instead, the Flying Sleigh can only be purchased with the Winter Event Gingerbread currency. The Flying Sleigh can be purchased in the Winter Market for 45,000 Gingerbread.

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