Tunic sees you playing the role of a small fox armed with a sword and shield on a mysterious quest. Along the way, you will battle various monsters and need the help of various items on your journey. One of these is the Gun. This may leave you wondering how to get the Gun in Tunic.

You need to go to the Quarry to get the Gun in Tunic. On your way to the Lower Miasma, you will go down several slopes. If you hug the cliffs on the left side, you will discover a secret passage to the area with the Scavengers and targets. The Gun is in a chest here.

Where to get the Gun in Tunic

Screenshot by GameTips.PRO

You can find the Gun in the Quarry on the bottom left side of the map. You will need to go through a secret passage in the rocks to reach this area. We have marked the Gun’s location with a red star and circled the passage on the map above.

A few Rifle Scavengers guard the chest, so you will need to defeat them before opening it. The Gun is a powerful item that consumes your magic bar when used. It blasts out in a short but wide radius and can take out multiple enemies at once.

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