The Gravity Suit is acquired in Burnenia, and there are only four more upgrades before you are fully powered up. But there is a way to get the Gravity Suit earlier than intentional, through sequence breaking.

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To get the Gravity Suit early, you need the following upgrades—Ice Missles, Speed Booster, Grapple Beam, and the Diffusion Beam. It can be acquired on your first trip in Ghavoran as you progress through the game normally.

Do take note, this is a complicated series of Shinespark uses, so be patient if attempting.

Go into the room to the right of the one above and Speedboost into a Shinespark just before the Morph Ball gap. When in Shinespark, climb into the gap and dropdown. Do not press any inputs when falling.

Just below the wall on your right, press B and hold the left analog to the right. If done correctly, you will Shinespark in midair and gain access to the Green Teleporter early. The timing on this is challenging, as you fall fast. Even if you hit the wall to the right, continue to hold right, and you should grab onto the ledge and be able to pull yourself up.

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Or you can fall all the way down, jump, quickly press L. Let go of all buttons/inputs. Press B and then hold the left analog to the right.

Go into the Morph Ball gap, fall through the Pitfall Blocks, and into the Green Teleporter, to take you into Burenia. Once arrived, Bomb the blocks to the bottom right of the screen, and enter the room. Ice Missle the Enky, and go into the room below. To begin another Shinespark.

In the room to the right, go as far as you can before dropping down, turn and Speedboost to the left and slam into the wall. This will break the Speedboost blocks down below.

Now comes one of the hardest Shinesparks maneuvers in the entire game. Go into the room on the right again, Speedboost into a Shinespark at the very edge of the platform. This is a very tight window.

Then immediately, drop down, shoot the door, and into the room, then when you hit the ground, get ready to slide. Instantly, fire below you, press L once when falling, then Let go of all buttons/inputs. Just below the Beam Blocks, press B then hold left on the left analog. You’ll Spinespark up the ramp and continue the Speedboost.

When in the next room, slide instantly, then at the end of the platform, Shinespark again.

Fall down, without pressing any buttons/inputs, then when you’re at the bottom of the Blue Magnetic strip, press B then hold right on the left analog, to Shinespark up the ramp. Immediately, at the top of the ramp, press down to Shinespark again. Fall down, and at the bottom press B, then hold right on the left analog to Shinespark through the Speed Blocks.

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In the next room, you’ll find a Missle Capacity +10 increase. Bomb the bottom right-hand corner of the screen, and go into the Morph Ball space. Follow it and bomb the mass below you.

Next up is another tricky part. As you come out of the tunnel, you need un-Morph and grab the ledge above you. Our advice is the second you think you’re coming out of the tunnel, mash B and up. If you fail, don’t worry you can jump back up to the tunnel and try again.

Once that is done, follow the tunnel above you. At the end, you’ll see a gap, and three wall Masses you need to shoot. The third one needs the charged up Diffusion Beam to hit. Grapple onto the grapple point, to bring down the massive machine in the background.

Go through the gap and fall down, and go left, through the tub, with the missile cover over the door, and inside you can claim your new Gravity Suit.

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