Gaming’s most iconic battle royale, Fortnite, has always been known for its incredibly diverse wardrobe of skins. Spanning myriad iconic franchises from Marvel to Dragon Ball, Epic Games is constantly adding more unique looks to the game for players to enjoy. One of these unique looks is the aptly named “A Goat” skin, but how does one go about unlocking this Goat Simulator 3 reference?

How to unlock the Goat Simulator 3 Fortnite skin

Purchase Goat Simulator 3 through the Epic Games Store

The way to unlock the “A Goat” skin is through the Epic Games store. Simply head over to the Epic Games launcher, search up Goat Simulator 3, and if you’re willing to fork over $30 for the game, you can then hop back over to Fortnite and immediately hop into a game as Pilgor, Goat Simulator’s main character. Notably, it is unknown whether the skin will be added to the in-game store, so this may be the only way for players to grab the skin.

Can I purchase Goat Simulator 3 from another website and still get the skin?

Though unlikely since all Fortnite players have the Epic Games launcher installed, some players may wish to buy Goat Simulator 3 from a different source for cheaper. Unfortunately, in this case players will not receive the skin, as the purchase needs to be performed through Epic Games.

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