You’ll first stumble across Aurea when you think you have reached the village. She’ll incessantly talk about nature and how much she loves it. Ellie and her hat are quick to catch on that something needs to be done to get her to focus enough to get her to trade the Glass Extractor Bottle.

How to get the Glass Bottle from Aurea

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Ellie and Virgil deduce quickly that Aurea must be under some kind of curse that keeps her stuck talking about nature. You are tasked with creating an all-purpose magical curse removing candy. Once you bring this candy back to Aurea, she will suddenly become lucid and be able to speak to you normally. Continue to interact with her, and she will then give you the bottle you need for the Extractor.

How to make Curse-lifting Candy in Little Witch in the Woods

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Making the Curse-lifting Candy is pretty easy once you understand what the game is asking of you. The key thing to remember is that Extracts and Ingredients are not the same things. An extract is a refined version of an ingredient, often done by running two or more ingredients through an Extractor.

You don’t have access to your Extractor until after helping Aurea, but that’s no worry. When you cleaned up the workshop earlier in the game, you found two different extracts on the ground. Use these (the Squishychub and Maple Herb extracts) to craft the Curse-lifting Candy. You’ll need to do these steps:

  • Go up to and hit Use on the cauldron.
  • Set the Ladle to no stirring.
  • Set the Fire to the third level.
  • Place both of the Extracts in the cauldron.
  • Hold down the crafting button.

You can now leave home and find Aurea again. Give her the candy, and you’ll finally get your glass bottle.

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