The Gjallarhorn is Destiny’s most iconic Exotic Rocket Launcher, and there was never a better time to bring it into Destiny 2 than the Bungie 30th Anniversary Event. Players who purchased the Destiny 2: Bungie 30th Anniversary Pack may have already obtained the coveted rocket launcher and are now wondering where the Catalyst is located. Here is how to get the Gjallarhorn Catalyst in Destiny 2 and what it does.

How to get the Catalyst

After obtaining the Gjallarhorn, you will need to head back into the Grasp of Avarice dungeon. This time you should be on the lookout for three Reaver Vandals spread throughout the dungeon. These Vandals will drop an exotic engram that grants the Burden by Riches debuff. You will need to find a nearby chest and open it to remove the debuff before dying. Opening all three chests will grant you the Gjallarhorn Catalyst.

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Where to find the Vandals and Chests

  • First Vandal and Chest – The first Vandal can be found in the cave shortly after beginning the dungeon. After getting the debuff, the chest that needs to be opened will be across the ravine, on the upper left part of the metal frame in this same area.
  • Second Vandal and Chest – The second Vandal is found right before the first boss encounter in the room before going through the vent. Once you have the debuff, the chest can be found to the right of the vent’s exit and can be accessed by jumping to the first platform and looking back behind you.
  • Third Vandal and Chest – The third Vandal is found after the Fallen Sheild encounter. After being launched through the cannon, you will land in a small body of water with a Fallen hut on your right that houses the third Vandal. Once you get the debuff, head back to the center Fallen complex to find the chest on top of a building. Opening this chest will give you the More Wolves Catalyst.

We recommend using the following Youtube video by Ehroar if you are struggling to find the Reaver Vandals or Chests.

Completing the Catalyst and what it does

Once you obtain the More Wolves Catalyst, you will need to complete the Catalyst by killing 400 enemy combatants with the Gjallarhorn in any activity. Once the Catalyst is fully complete, you will receive a larger magazine size and a faster reload speed. Also, final blows with Wolfpack Rounds spawn a faster, more powerful missile at the target’s location and the usual Orbs of Light when getting multi-kills.

So there you have it, that is how you can get the Gjallarhorn Catalyst in Destiny 2. This Catalyst gives this Rocket Launcher insane DPS and fills the hole left by the first Destiny’s Gjallarhorn.

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