The Gaja Suit and Gaja Head Glamour items are two of the most sought after new additions in Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker. A cute costume that turns your Warrior of Light into an Elephant, or Gaja as they’re known in game, the Gaja costume is a fairly difficult pair of items to get your hands on. 

To get the Gaja Suit and Gaja Head, you’ll have to purchase them from the NPC called Nesvaaz <Totem and Sundry Exchange>. They’re located at X: 10.5, Y: 10.1 in Radz-at-Han. The Gaja Suit costs six Daivadipa’s Beads, and the Gaja Head costs four Daivadipa’s Beads.

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Daivadipa’s Bead are a drop from a rare FATE that spawns in Thavnair. Completing the FATE Devout Pilgrims vs. Daivadipa will earn you six Daivadipa’s Beads. So in order to get the full costume, you’ll need to complete the FATE twice. 

The FATE only spawns after a sequence of two other FATES have been completed triggering the Daivadipa FATE. These are the FATEs called Devout Pilgrims vs. the Jungle Lizards and Devout Pilgrims vs. the Apalala. After these are completed, at some point in a 35-minute window, the FATE will spawn, provided the FATE isn’t on cooldown. 

After the FATE is over, it goes on cooldown for up to 48 hours. The cooldown time is random and can be incredibly short or a full 48 hours. This is a pretty intensive grind just for just a costume, but it can be completed in a few days with good luck. Additionally, as new Endwalker areas are currently instanced, there’s three times as much chance the FATE will spawn. 

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