The frozen key is a quest item in Old School Runescape. It is required to complete the mini-quest The Frozen Door.

In the God Wars Dungeon, located North of the Trollheim Teleport but before the Ice Plateau, players will be able to make the Frozen Key. The Frozen Key requires four key pieces, acquired by defeating the four generals.

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The player needs to beat four separate generals:

  • Kree’arra – one key piece
  • General Graardor – one key piece
  • Commander Zilyana – one key piece
  • K’ril Tsutsaroth – one key piece

Bodyguards have a 5% chance of obtaining the key piece, but generals are guaranteed to have it. As soon as you have acquired all four pieces, you will be able to assemble them into the frozen key.

The frozen door at the southern side of the main hall can be opened with the frozen key. Ashuelot Reis, a nature spirit, will greet them inside and reveal that there is no treasure inside, but instead, a powerful Zarosian general named Nex and her army. The player is told about Nex’s history by Asuelot before he disappears into the prison’s inner lobby.

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